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I’m known for not showing emotion but how am i supossed to feel if he doesnt even wanna come over here?? It makes me think so much and my mind tends to run wild with senarios that probably dont even exist. But inside it kinda kills me with depression…. And I think at this point I should not be feeling depressed cause its bad for me… I just hope that I can get an answer soon cause I cant keep ot locked up for too long… I choke with how much I’m holding inside.

Angry Depression

You know what I just hate… when I’m depressed and its just because I’m really angry either at myself or someone else. I try to control my anger, but I’m just so fed up of all the things I keep inside. I know that I may overact sometimes, but I just can’t help it. I mostly bring this post up cause people just think I’m a freaking mind reader or something, and cause I just need to vent my anger out at something. 

hehe I thought this would go with my post. (angry birds for an angry post, Avengers style.)

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